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We are open in a very limited capacity to existing patients and referrals.

This is to ensure your safety against the new coronavirus and the high level of medical care we give each and every patient. You may reach us at 919-752-SEEK (7335) or with questions. Please leave a message with your concern and contact information. We check messages frequently.

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Estamos disponibles en una capacidad muy limitada para pacientes existentes y referencias de otros médicos.

Esto es para garantizar su seguridad contra el nuevo coronavirus y para el alto nivel de atención médica que ofrecemos a cada paciente. Se puede contactarnos al 919-752-7335 o con preguntas. Por favor, deje un mensaje con su pregunta e información de contacto. Revisamos frecuentemente los mensajes.

Medical eye care for your kids

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SeekMD is the Triangle's newest and only ophthalmology clinic devoted specifically to children, as well as adult strabismus patients.
We are a family-run practice with the vision and values to bring you personalized and easy-to-access eye care.

Get to Know Us

Meet Dr. Swamy

I am a board-certified ophthalmologist, which means that I'm an eye physician and surgeon. My specialty is taking care of children, and all of their eye care. I also specialize in eye alignment (strabismus) and double vision problems in people of all ages, including adults.

Connecting with children and families is an art. From the tiniest of premature babies that I see in the hospital, to big kids, to adults, I enjoy coming up with creative ways to listen to and connect with families, to meet you where you are, and to work with you to come up with a plan.

Most of my patients do not need surgery, but when they do, I have the training and experience to operate on children and adults for eye alignment issues and other problems, from the common to the complex.

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Top 10 reasons why people make an appointment

  1. Referral from failed vision screen at school or primary doctor's office. If there is any doubt about the vision screen, a full eye exam is recommended.
  2. Concern about any eye symptoms - either from primary doctor or parent.
    Examples of commons symptoms:
    Tearing • Squinting • Head turns and tilts • Trauma • Infections.
  3. Any eye misalignment (such as crossing or turning out), also known as strabismus.
    Tip: After 3 months of age, children do not 'grow out of' eye misalignments. They need a full eye exam.
  4. "Lazy" eye, which can be several different diagnoses. Only a comprehensive eye exam will identify the type and best treatment.
  5. Trauma: pokes, scratches, and concussions.
  6. Eyelid problems. Droopy lid, lumps, and styes are examples.
  7. Medical condition that affects the whole body, including the eyes. Does your child have developmental delay, diabetes, neurofibromatosis, or a rheumatologic condition? Chances are, they might need to see a pediatric ophthalmologist. Ask your primary doctor.
  8. Double vision in adults and children.
  9. Eye misalignment in adults, including thyroid eye disease.
  10. Referral for specialty surgery from a general ophthalmologist or optometrist.

Retinopathy of Prematurity

I have a special service for premature infants at local hospitals. Some premature babies need eye exams while they are still in the hospital, to look for (or 'screen' for) retinopathy of prematurity (ROP). One of the joys of my work is that I often watch these kids grow up, and I get to know their families over the years.

What We Believe

Let kids be kids.

Connect with kids on their terms.

Help kids see the best they can.

Examine & treat just as much as necessary. Not more, not less.

Protect children's eyes.

Collaborate with families.

Give choices.

Educate & ask questions.

Support second opinions.

What families say

Dr. Swamy is an exceptional doctor. Her thoroughness and persistence may have saved my daughter's vision. After another doctor misdiagnosed her condition, Dr. Swamy gave her excellent care over many months and spent a great deal of personal time researching options and seeking out a pediatric rheumatologist to treat her chronic uveitis. In addition to her medical excellence, she also is kind. I highly recommend Dr. Swamy.
Dear Dr. Swamy and Staff, Thank you so much for your quality, compassionate care. You have helped us navigate our way through a frightening situation, and we are grateful!
Written notecard from a patient
I love this doctor. The first thing she asked was if there was another name my child wanted to go by, and she didn't bat an eyelash at her Trans status. ...She's such a great ophthalmologist!
Facebook post in a parent support group
Dr. Swamy prescribed prism glasses for the double vision I was experiencing. Thank you so much! They are like a miracle!
From a written card from an adult patient