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American Board of Ophthalmology Certified. Verify here.

18 years

of education & training

16,000 hours

of direct patient care in medical training

  • 1 year
    Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus Fellowship

    Casey Eye Institute
    Oregon Health and Science University

    Fellowship is an entire year focused on how to examine children, their eyes, and how their eyes work with their brains. I learned how to help adults with double vision and eye misalignment. Fellowship includes specialized training on children's eye surgery and eye alignment (strabismus) surgery, with a minimum of two days of surgery per week.

  • 3 years
    Ophthalmology Surgical Residency

    Duke University Eye Center

    Residency is training in all aspects of adult and pediatric eye care and surgical training on all types of eye surgeries.

  • 1 year
    Transitional Year Residency

    St. Vincent's Medical Center, Bridgeport, CT

    All medical doctors (MDs) who choose ophthalmology are required to complete in-hospital training in general adult or pediatric medicine, or in surgery. I learned to care for patients in intensive care units (ICU), internal medicine, and general surgery.

  • 4 years
    Doctor of Medicine (MD)

    Weill Cornell Medical College

    Medical school is in-depth and years-long training on the science of the whole body: I learned how our molecules and cells and organs should work and what goes wrong when they don't. Medical school students typically complete around 9,000 hours of direct patient care covering all the medical specialties.

  • 5 years
    Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

    Weill Graduate School of Medical Sciences, Cornell University

    My thesis was about the malaria parasite and how it controls its genes. Graduate school trained me to think critically – that means "always ask questions!"

  • 4 years
    Bachelor of Science in Computer Science & Microbiology

    University of Georgia

    Go Dawgs!

Lakshmi Swamy, MD, PhD

Meet Dr. Swamy

I am a board-certified ophthalmologist, which means that I'm an eye physician and surgeon. My specialty is taking care of children, and all of their eye care. I also specialize in eye alignment (strabismus) and double vision problems in people of all ages, including adults.

Connecting with children and families is an art. From the tiniest of premature babies that I see in the hospital, to big kids, to adults, I enjoy coming up with creative ways to listen to and connect with families, to meet you where you are, and to work with you to come up with a plan.

Most of my patients do not need surgery, but when they do, I have the training and experience to operate on children and adults for eye alignment issues and other problems, from the common to the complex.

Hospital Affiliations

  • UNC REX Healthcare
  • WakeMed Raleigh and North
  • WakeMed Cary

Meet Porter Bayne

I'm the Clinic Manager for Dr. Swamy's clinic, and Chief Operations Officer for SeekMD.

I have a background in digital media & technology, customer service, fundraising and financing... and surviving my wife's medical training.

After years focusing on ways to make technology easier for people to use in the digital media world, I am excited to help improve digital tools in our corner of the healthcare world. At SeekMD, we want to make it easier for the eye doctor to take care of patients, and spend less time managing a practice.

And after all the time I have spent writing code, producing graphic design, and fundraising from technology investors, I can truly say that being in clinic to assist my wife with kids and their families has already been one of the single greatest joys of my career.

We are a modern mom-and-pop practice.

Dr. Swamy and Porter are a wife and husband team. We bring our personal and family-centered approach to you, in everything that we do. We take the time to get to know you. With the tools that we are building, we hope to give you more access to the care and information that you are looking for.