What to expect at SeekMD
if you're a child.

(Parents, read this first. Please consider sharing with your child before the visit.)
Say hello. You can play with anything in the light exploration lab, while the grown-ups check in with each other. If this is your first time here, you'll spend about an hour and a half in our office.
Meet Dr. Swamy. Let's get to know each other. This part is called your 'history.'
What is an eye exam? The exam is where I learn about you and your eyes. I'm a doctor and a scientist, and like a good scientist, I have to get all the clues I can get. Most of the time, I'll be using the most important science skill called observation.
How do your eyes work together? We'll use toys, special glasses, lights, stickers, and clear triangles called prisms to gather clues.
Now your eyes take turns. One eye gets a sticker. What do you see? There are no right or wrong answers. We might use a matching game or songs. Then the other eye gets the sticker and we do the same games again. For babies and kids who can't (or won't) talk, I can still figure out what they see!
Now it's time for drops. The best part about the drops is that they are quick to do! That's good, because it's one of the most important things we'll do today. The drops help me look into your eyes.
Take a break. It's playtime!
See me again. The room lights will be dimmer. I'll use different flashlights and lenses to check your eyes.
Now we can put away the lights, and it's time to talk. Ask me all of your questions!
We put on our thinking caps. This is when I'll use what I learned from 18 years of school to put together the clues from the exam. I'll talk to the grown ups and come up with a plan.
You've done so well today. Do you want to pick out a prize?

After our visit

Some people see differently for the rest of the day because of the drops. Most kids don't mind it, and you'll be back to usual by the same time tomorrow. If you look in the mirror, the little black circles, called the pupils, of your eyes will be big. That's typical. Bright lights might bother you today. It's a good thing we have eyelids to blink and protect our eyes. You can use sunglasses to feel more comfortable.

Are you a big kid who needs to do homework or sports today? Ask me for some tips on how to be more comfortable.